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Originally Posted by TheFinnishKulemin View Post
And if Paul gaustad had the skill of a guy like Whitney, he'd be one of the best players in the NHL. What's your point?

I don't, and never have, seen any point in pointing out size like its this massive insurmountable obstacle. It's an obstacle no doubt, but so is skill if your a 6 foot 3 guy without any hockey sense. Why size needs to be pointed out more than anything else is beyond me.

And before someone starts talking about me having a size complex and being defensive, I'm actually about the same size as Tyler Myers...
I dont disagree with you in that a lot of people use size as a insurmountable obstacle, but I do believe it matters when evaulating individual players.

Speed and mobility matter a lot more when you are undersized. If you are 5'10 or under and have below average speed, you will suffer. Couple examples I will use:

1. I go to McGill and have been to a few hockey games for the school and there is this freshman David Rose who was a PPG player the last 2 seasons in the Q before joining the CIS. He is 5'9, fairly well built, and he has pretty good hands. But his skating is brutal. Its why he plays university hockey rather than lets say the AHL

2. I dont think anyone can deny at this point that Jonathan Drouin is a better junior player than Nathan Mackinnon. And thats not just based on the World Juniors. The scout who said Drouin may be the best player this season in the CHL may not be wrong. However, while both will have long NHL careers, Mackinnon still seems to project to be a better NHLer because he plays bigger than he is and because he can fly. Drouin plays a Kadri like game (mind you hes better than Kadri)

My main point is that if you are small and cannot skate, your NHL chances would be slim, even if you had a rocket of a shot and silky mittens

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