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01-19-2013, 12:18 PM
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Originally Posted by BlackStar View Post
It boggles my mind that people do not understand what Bergevin is trying to do here. From the team's standpoint, not the fanboy standpoint, he's doing the wise thing. CLEARLY, I wish this mess was all over so we could see PK in action tonight.

But think about it here, who's looking out for the team's best interest? Clearly and understandably, PK isn't, Pk is looking out for the best interest of PK, and he has the right to do so, it's not wrong.

But in the same way, Bergevin is looking out for the best interest of the team, that's what he is being paid for. When he bought out Gomez, he wasn't putting Gomez's interests over the team's. Why in the world do we want him to hurt the team now for Pk's sake? Clearly, if he hasn't signed PK yet, it's because he believes that the contract would hurt the team. Since we don't know all the details, isn't it wise to understand where is he coming from?
No doubt Bergevin is doing what he thinks is best for the team, but is it?

Many people are saying he should sign the bridge contract and then go for the big bucks and the long term deal. Hypothetically, let's say they are close in value per year, but are apart in term length. Even if he doesn't improve, do you think he's going to sign for the same cap hit in two years? Just with inflation 5 million is going to be less then than it is now. And if he does earn a huge long term deal (which everyone wants), it's not going to be close to 5 million a year, so how is the bridge contract helping our team then?

Worst case scenario, he's a guy who people don't like who plays tough minutes and comes out ahead.

For PK, like I said, I understand where he is coming from too. HOWEVER, I can understand how a long term contract could hurt the team, but I cannot understand how a short term contract would hurt PK. It clearly didn't hurt Price and Pax, why can't he understand that, that would be fair? That is why I'm disappointed in PK.
Security. Evan Longoria and Ryan Braun could be making a tonne more than they are from the Rays and Brewers, but they traded the potential to make more with the guarantee of making a lot. It's the same with Subban. A long term deal gives him a guaranteed 25 or 30 million (well, half that with taxes). If he signs a short term contract and blows out his knee or gets a concussion or two, he might never get another opportunity at a long term deal. I'm not saying boohoo, poor millionaire, but if he gets hurt on a bridge contract, he stands to lose a great deal of money.

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