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01-19-2013, 01:18 PM
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Luongo and Schneider are not interchangeable pieces of Leggo. Nor are they robots. They are human beings with careers and both have sharply contrasting positions on what is happening here.

Schneider did what he was told the ENTIRE time he was here since he was drafted. Toiled in the AHL for years.

He was then Luongo's back up and had to endure the 12 year contract that surely spelled his DOOM.

Then , instead of simply waiting for OFFER SHEETS and giving us the finger, he SIGNS with us for what I believe is below what his worth is for 3 years , taking MASSIVE amounts of pressure from Gillis. He does this because Gillis tells him its his team now and he is the guy.

In fact, Schneider didnt even want to sign UNTIL Luongo was traded for certain, but Gillis re assured him it would be no sweat.

Well, now we got a fuming Luongo and fuming Schneider.

Both have no illusions of being the bench warmer. Someone is going to get their ego bruised . Someone is going to feel ripped off. And the media is going to be right there every game reminding everyone in the NHL universe about it all.

So, to say Gillis hung on too long for a deal he THOUGHT Luongo was worth , is an understatement and was completely unfair to Schneider.

I dont feel so bad for Lui because he shot his mouth off and publicly demanded a trade instead of keeping his yap shut .

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