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01-19-2013, 12:19 PM
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Originally Posted by BayStBullies View Post
Now that Edler is signed; Vancouver will need to fill 9 roster spots next year with $3,896,667 in cap space.

If I recall correctly; the minimum allowable salary for a player will be $550,000. If they sign 9 league minimum roster players; that would cost $4,950,000. That equates to $1,053,333 over the salary cap.

Ballard is a near guaranteed buy out (unless Luongo is traded); with a healthy cap hit at $4,200,000. That means free cap space equivalent to $3,146,667; minus another $550,000 for a league minimum player; making it $2,596,667.

They then have 10 roster spots to fill; with only $2.6 million salary cap to pay these players (nearly half the roster) above league minimum.

I see in a situation where Luongo is kept; Booth having to be bought out along with Ballard. That's the only way I see these numbers working. Even then; there is not much wiggle room. Needing to sign 11 players (half the roster); with $6,296,667 above minimum salaries to get creative.

It's possible; but would a team like that be a contender? Is it worth all this squeezing and effort; just to keep a backup goalie on your bench?

Good luck to them; our price is not moving.
This is the kind of cap math that anybody taking on Luongo will face down the road. It will be even worse in the later stages of his contract when he is older with diminishing skills. Good luck trying to find a buyer for his contract then....

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