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Originally Posted by KnightSpit View Post

The Spits looked good last night and I think are now playoff bound, especially with Erie stumbling. Still should've traded Batemen, if they could've got a big power forward, who goes to the net, or a big steady stay at home D. Yeah I know the OHL has alot kids, but look at the teams that do well and I am telling you SIZE still matters so much in this leauge, especially on D, I mean some of these forwards even at 17 years of age are like 6 ft 4 and 200 lbs, how do these under sized D expect to move them from in front of the net?, or win the battle along the boards? You really see this when you are at the games live, down low along the glass in any OHL arena.
That's why we have a 6'6" 220 lb 16 yr old defenceman in Patrick Sanvido.

Nobody wanted Bateman, at least not for the price WR was asking. 6'4" 200lbs is nothing if you have a defenceman 5'11" and 200lbs. Height is only good for reach, or the ability to put on more bulk/weight. But if you have a 6'4" 200lb player and I have a 5'10" 200lb player, the shorter player will be stronger and have the lower center of gravity and thus leverage to direct traffic in front of the net. Now Ellis and Reilly Bateman max out 180lbs - it's still about positioning, staking ability and hockey IQ.

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