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Originally Posted by lost35 View Post
I could care less about 35 million that will go into Wangs pocket

lots of good memories in that building

lets savor it while we can
Originally Posted by Axe Man View Post
I for one still like the Coliseum. Call me whatever you want. If the old dump had mass transit and a few more luxury boxes there would be no reason to move.
Originally Posted by Quickdraw2828 View Post
I have been to games in the new and old buildings in Boston, Chicago, Montreal, and Toronto. The new buildings may be spiffier, but the high ceilings really cut down on the crowd noise. If the Islanders would give the fans something to cheer about, Nassau would be, by far, the loudest arena in the league. Remember the Isles/Rangers playoff series. Electrifying atmosphere! Once the Isles move to Brooklyn, that atmosphere will never exist again.

The old buildings rocked like a mother******!
Originally Posted by lost35 View Post
I could care less about a "state of the art arena"

Playing in that old "dump" was part of its charm

I do not want the Isles to leave Nassau Period.
Originally Posted by stranger34 View Post
I don't get the Islanders fans who dislike the coliseum. It is my favorite arena in sports right now. It is a throwback.

But I also prefer shea to Citi, old yankee to new yankee, and the spectrum.

The coli has history, nuance, nostalgia, sightlines, convenience. It's a dying a breed as a fan friendly suburban arena. It should be celebrated in its dying breaths, not **** on

I agree with all of this. I do realize the financial realities, though. As I live in Texas now, I'm not going to games anyway. I'm not delusional, just nostalgic. Yes, even about losing teams. There are some great enjoyable games even in years where the overall record is bad.

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