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01-19-2013, 12:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Krishna View Post
I don't think there's a set date for the buyouts.. Its' just in the summer
That doesn't really clarify it for me, but thanks.

So in theory you could sign the player you wanted before buying out your guy. Such an advantage to a skilled GM with a team with deep pockets. Why? I'm going to layout 2 options, Option A and Option B.

Option A: You sign your guy before buying out your own player

For the Flyers, they could make a run a Perry, Getzlaf with Iginla as another potential target, with Briere as the buy-out candidate. If Flyers land said player, great, buy-out Briere, forward upgraded. If like this past offseason, when whiffed at Parise and Suter, at least we still have a above-average player in Briere to fall back on if nothing transpires. No harm, no foul at least you took a shot.

Best Case Scenario: Upgraded forward (Perry, Getzlaf)
Worst Case Scenario: We still have Briere

Option B: You buy-out your player first, then make a run at another player

Same as option A, with a twist, you don't have your fall back plan covered from the start. If the Flyers failed to land Perry, Getzlaf, Iginla, Lupul, etc, they could end up with a worse player than they had with Briere, for the sake of this example, Clarke McArthur.

Best Case Scenario: Same as before, upgraded forward (Perry, Getzlaf)
Worst Case Scenario: Downgraded forward or nobody at all.

Under those 2 options, unless you really, really hate Briere you take Option A, everytime. I hoping Option A is available and that Homer takes advantage of it.

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