Thread: Speculation: Ken Holland less than confident
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01-19-2013, 01:46 PM
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Originally Posted by JmanWingsFan View Post
We aren't screwed. Do you bother to take a look at the state of the team in the future? Do you bother to consider current circumstances (Cap compliance buyouts) and the way this team operates combined with how our contracts are structured for this team? You haven't. We'll have three rookies next year: Tatar, Nyquist, and Jarnkrok. The next year we'll probably add Ferraro and Ouellet, and maybe more with FA departures. Your precious prospects are going to get their chance at a reasonable time. Get over yourself. Unlike you, Holland has the nerve to have a vision of what he sees his team in 5 years and acts accordingly. He isn't this narrowminded GM of lesser quality than Howson who says "HERP DERP, VETERAN MUST SIGN HIM TO THREE YEARS." He knows what he's doing.

Bert's a non issue. His contract is not getting in anyone's way. Even at that, he could choose to retire next year and we cap compliance buyout his contract for free.
I'm not sure you're familiar with how this team operates when it comes to introducing rookies into the lineup... you're thinking that the Wings will be rolling 5 or more rookies into the lineup in the next 2 seasons? This is the same team that is slower than Holmstrom on a breakaway in trusting rookies and giving them ice time, so I'm not sure that's a realistic projection.

I've never thought of KH as a "herp derp" kind of guy, but if he was, it might be more of a "herp derp, must sign veterans to 2 year deals and toss in NTC's"- Sammy and Bert. And IMO it's safe to say that Bert and Sammy are in the way of both Tatar and Nyquist this year, and could be blocking guys again next year. Just sayin.

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