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01-19-2013, 12:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Ref9 View Post
Mets fan here. Thole was made part of the trade because he was the one who could catch Dickey. There are not many knuckle ball pitchers in the majors, so the chance of some catchers ever having the opportunity to catch one are not that great. Don't know if Blanco has ever caught one but I would suspect Dickey is comfortable with Thole catching him with the big glove. If the Jays place Thole in Buffalo, then don't be surprised that there will be a lot of pass balls early on when Dickey is pitching. Besides, Thole's a decent hitter especially for a catcher.
We actually have three different catchers in the system who have all caught Dickey - Thole, Blanco and Mike Nickeas, the other piece that came to Toronto with Thole and Dickey.

We're aware Thole seems like a decent contributor, but IIRC he has options, so he's more likely than Blanco to be sent down on that basis. But remember Blanco caught Dickey in 2010.


Blanco also has some history with the Blue Jays' new ace, knuckleballer R.A. Dickey, when both were with the Mets in 2010. Pitching to Blanco, Dickey compiled a 2.52 ERA over 50 innings in seven games.
So the Jays have done a good job of ensuring that Dickey will have a knowledgeable battery mate even in the face of an injury or two at the position.

Originally Posted by Ref9 View Post
Regarding Jose Reyes, liked him as a Met, however he demonstrated his true character on his last day with the Mets. After getting a hit and assuring that he would win the NL batting title in 2011, he took himself out of the line up at Citi-Field fully knowing that there was the possibility that it would be his last game in a Mets uniform. That in and of itself tells you what he's about.
Doesn't really tell us anything at all, actually, since we don't know what the context was behind the scenes. Maybe he had been nursing an injury and has to convince the manager to even let him dress. Who knows?

No doubt Reyes mean a lot to you guys when he played there, so sensitivities were going to be heightened leading up to his final games that year. But it's always dangerous to read too much into a single situation, especially when you don't have the complete picture. Better to judge a player based on the way they've handled themselves throughout their career.

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