Thread: Speculation: Ken Holland less than confident
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01-19-2013, 01:04 PM
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I must say, I enjoy that everyone on this site is excited and cares about the red wings and how they do. It is fun to find a discussion based on differing styles we would all take if WE were the GM.

I see 2 points of view here:

A) Holland is doing not bad, he signs the right FA's at the right time to make the team as strong as possible
B) Holland is signing too many old FA's and is blocking our rookies from making the team.

This is the basis of the last 2 pages from this thread.

I would like to say lets be realistic here.

Our team has been getting worse under either plan A) or plan B) because honestly we haven't found another datsyuk yet and draft too low.

It is unfortunate that we did not sign Parise and Suter. I as much as all of you would LOVE it if they were here. We are an instant favorite for the stanley cup. Sadly this is not the case, and I do not think it would be worth having ONLY 1 of them for 9 million a season. (There is a point where too much money kills your team)... Ask MTL with Gomez, ask Vancouver what they will get for Luongo who is still a superstar, but they paid him too much. Heck, we might regret Franzen's contract in 2-3 years (I hope not).

I wish our rookies FORCED the coaches to waive Bert and Sammy (Because that means they are CLEARLY better). But they have not.

I do not think Holland has done horribly, but he also has made so few moves that none of us are "HAPPY" with his performance.

Lets be honest, this period of our team feels like 02-03 with the leaving of yzerman and shanahan. I was sure we were toast then. I didn't know we had two superstars in our system. We were lucky. Will it happen again? I hope so.

I hope Brunner and Nyquist make the team this year and play lights out.

Lets be honest though, as long as we have a "Stanley cup playoff" streak, hollands job is safe.

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