Thread: NCAA: Te'o GF death a hoax
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01-19-2013, 01:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Brad Tolliver View Post
The facts of the story are biased against Te'o and Notre Dame.

Notre Dame is trying to portray him entirely as a victim which doesn't correspond with known facts. Your opinion that what he says has any "merit" despite the fact that Te'o is a proven liar and your continuing attempts to justify his lying is what would be defined as bias.
Really dude? Every time you mention Notre Dame it's about how "despicable" they are. Yes, i'm an ND fan. That doesn't mean I agree with how things were handled at the SCHOOL. I am a fan of the ATHLETICS but i'm not biased regarding Te'o.

If you read everything I actually posted and the facts in the story, it's hard NOT to believe Te'o. Even Jeremy from ESPN said the exact same thing. This is a guy who has won several EMMYS and covered numerous people including Rob Gronkowski. He's not afraid to ask the tough questions.

The only thing you could possibly conceive is that "why didn't he visit her" or "why didn't he go to the funeral" or "why didn't he go to her grave after". One out of those three have been answered, he was told not to. I am willing to bet if it's indeed true what he is saying he was waiting until after the football season to go to her gravesite.

The "why didn't he visit her" is the only legitimate question and that is the only current evidence AGAINST Te'o.

I'm not biased at all. I think Ray Lewis was guilty in the murder charges based on EVIDENCE. I tend to believe that Manti Te'o, while not even CLOSE to as severe as Lewis' case, has alot of merit here.

Originally Posted by mouser View Post
Charges for what exactly?
It's called lawsuits.

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