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01-19-2013, 01:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Dackell View Post
I certainly have no issues with Smith and don't want to just give him away, but he is hardly untouchable. Again, I like the guy but if he can be moved to strengthen the D core for the medium to long term I think it's a no brainer. I don't see why moving Foligno for Methot is at all relevant in this scenario.

If they traded Smith, Regin can be the 3rd line centre. Worst case Ontario - Regin goes down with an injury or just can't get it done - JOB moves up to the 3rd line and they recall Grant to centre the 4th line. If that fails miserably they should be able to get a 4th line centre for a fairly inexpensive price on the trade market.

I'd be happy to trade Bishop + for Hjarmalsson but I don't know if Chicago does it. Bishop looks like he has promise but he is still pretty unproven. Crawford was in a pretty similar position to Bishop a few years ago and hasn't exactly lit the world on fire. I don't think Chicago risks going down that route again, let alone giving up Hjarmalsson to do so.
In my opinion, there's a big difference between Regin and Smith - and I'm a Regin believer. When the Sens made the trade for Methot involving Foligno, then signed Smith long term, that was the end of the trade rumours for Smith. We expected them to keep one of the two, both are really physical, gritty players with offensive upside, but Smith is a C that gives you that perfect balance of skill + grit up and down the lineup.

I don't think you can plug a guy like Regin or Da Costa in and expect teams not to get an easier ride without Smith in the lineup. He's a big, big piece now - a player I think I would value to our lineup much more than Hjarl.

Also, isn't Hjarl left handed? It seems like no problem, but we have Cowen, Methot and Phillips on the left side, where does he play? Does he play the right side?

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