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01-19-2013, 01:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Halpysback View Post
Yet Pens have had no problem signing him to that contract and were gonna give a bigger one to Staal coming into next season. If you want their cup season, Crosby, Malkin, Staal, Gonchar, Fleury all made over 5. And that's back when the cap was way lower.
Which can be compared to Ovi, Backy, Ribs and Green all being paid more than five million. Also taking into account Ovi's cap hit of 9.5+.

Originally Posted by Halpysback View Post
You'd rather not see us win the cup and have to sell roleplayers?

Hawks whole cap problem could have been solved if they were able to move Campbell that season, and they'd have remained a powerhouse with lots of highly paid players. The fact that I have never seen anyone as tone deaf at crafting a roster as Bowman doesn't help.
Not if it means that we end up missing out on any playoff action for many years to follow. I prefer us remaining consistent. I also prefer to wait and see what this club can do with Kuznetsov and Forsberg added to the lineup. Though I do admit that I would entertain offers for Kuznetsov, due to there still being some uncertainty as to if he really will come over and play.

Originally Posted by Halpysback View Post
Ok, how about you name all the teams that have been successful without having multiple great players signed to high contracts since the lockout? I'll start.

1. Phoenix. That's it.

Originally Posted by Halpysback View Post
I'm sorry, I thought we were in the business of winning cups not being America's friendliest tire changing club. My mistake. Carry on then.
Business first, sport second. Having players contribute in the field of community work and public relations is as important (if not more so) than the players production on the ice. All successful franchises in the NHL have been so because they have had stable economies and loyal fanbases.

Good economies results in better prospect scouting, better training facilities and more long term success. I rather see us compete year after year than possibly winning the cup once over a greater time span.

Originally Posted by Halpysback View Post
I don't think you understand the issue. The fact of the matter is that he is, in fact, working extremely well in Colorado. He anchored the 2nd best two way line in the league (after Steen-Backes-Oshie) for them that ate the toughest minutes and shredded whoever they were matched up against. He can also play RW proficiently. A Chimera-O'Reilly-Ward line could play 20 absolutely flawless shutdown minutes per game with high end 3rd line production. Then next year he'd slide into being our Patrice Bergeron/Travis Zajac/Jordan Staal caliber 2C. Once Johansson goes through his annual failure of playing well with Ovechkin and Backstrom we could shift Ovechkin back to LW and slide O'Reilly in at the right. He'd be the best RW that duo has ever had by a longshot.
I never said he would not work out, nor that he did not do so in Colorado. What I said was that putting him at any other position than center would be a waste of player resources, when he clearly excels the most at that position. It would simply be a conflict of interest as neither Ribs nor ROR would appreciate playing third line minutes.

Even though either could be moved to the wing, they would not produce at the same level as they would playing at their natural position.

I would be more interested in exploring what a package of say Hamrlik, Galiev and a 1:st/2:nd round pick in this years draft could fetch us to at least add a slight upgrade to our defense.

Originally Posted by Halpysback View Post
I'd rather try to entice Edmonton into trading for him. They seem to be on a mission to collect them all.

Schultz and a 3rd for Fistric, a man could dream.
I guess that could work to.................But I still like my chopper idea even better

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