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Originally Posted by 19 Straight View Post
How would this go over in your workplace:

Vis - hi boss. I'm here in Aruba and tomorrow is my last day of my two week vacation. I know I'm supposed to be back at work on Monday. But I'm having a really great time here and I figured you wouldn't mind if I stayed another week or two. I mean, what's another two weeks out of 52 in the year? I'll still be there most of the year. Besides, my son is looking a little peaked and another week in the sun will do him a world of good.

So, can I stay?
Boss: "Sure, Vis, you can stay there as long as you like. And by the way, you're fired!"

Vis: "Oh, thanks so much, boss!"

So why aren't the Isles proceeding in this common-sense way?

Originally Posted by 19 Straight View Post
Vis is an Islander, not a Slovan or whatever.
The Slovak term is slovanista, plural slovanisti.

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