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Originally Posted by habtastic View Post
1 - Nobody in this entire thread DOESN'T think that PK Subban is a true impact player with more to come. We ALL think that. That doesn't mean he deserves what (allegedly) he is asking for, which is close to Doughty type money and length.
At this point it would be nice to actually know what each side is asking for... The alleged amounts on both sides are unreasonable.

Originally Posted by habtastic View Post
2 - Bergy is holding firm on a figure that is (again allegedly) VERY reasonable. It's not like he's offering peanuts, he just doesn't want to give a player, ANY player an inflated contract cuz they have leverage. There's a poster on HIO who claims to have some inside info (it's in the comments in the article about Price's mask) where (if you believe him, and I kind of do) that Bergevin respects the Habs, the history and the greatness too much to bow to a single player who is trying to ask for more than what he deserves. I totally respect that attitude. YES - it could hurt the team now, BUT, it will hurt the team much more in the grand scheme if he gives PK a 6.5 for 6 years deal.
"Habs greatness"?
We've been a mediocre franchise for 2 decades now... Subban is the best young dman we've had since chelios in the 80's (Markov wasn't even close at the same age), and every indication is that he has the work ethic, commiment & attitude needed to continue improving.

He's exactly the type of player a smart GM locks up long term early (at less than what it will take to lock him up in 2-3 years, once he's really peaking), bc that then helps set the upper limit of what any other player can expect.

Subban at 5, 5.5, even 6m works great, assuming he remains the minute eating impact player he's become (in just 2years!), bc MB can use the holland approach of using that contract/player as the benchmark.

Datsyuk, zetterberg & Franzen all cost the wings less in part bc holland had lidstrom's contract/status as the benchmark

Originally Posted by habtastic View Post
13 - I assume you realize this scenario is absurd.
Stranger things have happened, wouldn't be the first time habs ownership meddled, and molson showed last year that he's very much "engaged" in the team...

Originally Posted by habtastic View Post
1I do agree that if PK agreed to 5 or even 5.5 for 6 years, that's a deal you should make, although I don't know whether Meehan is willing to go for that. He seems to be trying to replicate the Doughty situation and in a market where the fan pressure is added leverage.
That, or MB is trying to lowball...
We don't really know either way
Originally Posted by habtastic View Post
1Scenario 4:

PK doesn't play (you think he'll enjoy that?) until he agrees to a 2 year deal in which he is forced to work his butt off and show that he is what he thinks he's worth, and then gets the big bucks. Why this is such a problem for PK, I don't understand. He loves hockey, he supposedly loves the Habs and Montreal. problem? Probably Meehan. This situation sucks hard and I don't like it more than you that things are the way they are, but IMO as much as Bergy can be criticized for limiting the offer to two years, PK can be criticized for not taking it. These threads have made him out to be the best D in the NHL, which he is not. He IS, however critical to our team so I hope this lockout-esque drama is over soon. Unfortunately, it looks like it's going to drag on into the season, thus ruining this one for us, but possibly saving future seasons. Hope I'm wrong and they meet half way.
Ppl seem to ignore the very simple fact that these athletes play a dangerous game...

If subban feels he's worth 5-6 even 7m, and he'd be stupid to settle for 1/2 that, even dumber to take a 2 year deal.

One bad hit in those two years and *pouf* there goes the 30-40 MILLION dollars he left on the table

It's easy to sit here and say we'd play "for free" or that he should be happy with his 2-3M $ /year even if he never earns another penny bc that "should" be more than enough for anyone...

But that isn't how our capitalist society works, nor how our brains work

He's got every right to wrestle every last penny out of the team, and to fault him for it under some utopic belief in the "history" of the franchise or the purity of the game is hogwash.

NHL is a business, plain and simple. He's a very talented employee of tremendous value to his company, and he's fighting for what he thinks he's worth... Good on him, too bad for us if it leads to him leaving town bc us fans are really the only ones who will "lose" (unless MB can land a kings ransom in return)

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