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Originally Posted by Big Phil View Post
Incorrect. Yes, the 1980s were a more high flying era with more goals (which you can even argue Gretzky himself ushered in) but when you look at the players even in the 1980s no one was touching him then either. Gretzky had the entire NHL under his thumb for more or less a decade. Only when another generational talent like Lemieux came along did Gretzky finally have a peer. All players ranging from Bossy, Dionne, Hawerchuk, Stastny, Savard, Trottier, Messier, Kurri, etc. got blown out in the scoring race as well. Look at 1982, Gretzky had 212 points while Bossy had his career best of 147. That's a difference of 65 points and that wasn't even the biggest gap between Gretzky and the second highest scorer.

There was plenty of offensive talent in the game. You can easily argue that Bossy or Dionne are the most offensive players in the NHL in 2013 in their prime. So think about that and then imagine someone who outscores THOSE guys by upwards of 100 points.

Gretzky did this as late as 1991. He had 163 points to Hull's 131. That's 32 points, and 12 years after Gretzky started his career he still was able to lap the entire field in the NHL. Now, you can't tell me there wasn't offensive talent in 1991 either. The only blip on that season is that Gretzky didn't have anywhere near a full season by Mario to compete with. But even with a full season for Mario he has "only" 139 points
i think his point was that gretzky himself could not break gretzky's records today.

but maybe the more interesting question re: scoring levels w/r/t era is if 80s gretzky had never existed and an 18 year old gretzky came into the league today, could he break the records that would belong to mario? without thinking too hard about it and scrutinizing the numbers, my gut says yes but just barely.

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