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01-19-2013, 03:35 PM
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Originally Posted by ECWHSWI View Post
everyone can have a blog nowadays.
Thanks for addressing the content of my post. Everyone can post on HF too, and just like bloggers, I imagine most of us are in our parents' basements. The difference being that if you want anyone to read your blog (and people do read the blog in question) you have to put some thought into the content, whereas any idiot can share their brain farts here, as many so kindly do.

I take it you've read his analysis, and disagree with his opinion that a dominant defenseman in terms of puck possession in all situations is worth more than an undersized winger who played mostly in offensive situations (0:10/game on the penalty kill, 60% O-zone starts), who had an elite shooting percentage (18.9%, 5th among F's) but used his shot comparatively seldomly (only 180 in 78 games, not even among the top 100 in the NHL and less than such noted snipers as David Clarkson, Pascal Dupuis and Jason Chimera), and who signed an extension for a $ figure that most here would scoff at were it Subban.

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