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Originally Posted by jughead42 View Post
That goes for every season of junior hockey played by every team. It's all about the playoffs and how the team performs to determine whether a year is successful. We had expectations to make noise in the playoffs this year, and have a contender for the cup next year. After a bumpy ride, an incredibly bumpy ride, the team stands where it's at right now. We have an opportunity to make noise in the playoffs and have a cup contender next year if the team continues to play this way. We are finally where we need to be, which is something of a minor miracle given what this team has endured to get here. Good teams are forged in the hottest fire, and overcoming these issues is something that will make these guys better as a team. You learn how to win in this league, and this team is starting to get it.

Forget about the start of the season, that was not the same team. Take this team for what it is now, and look at some of the advantages we have with our current situation. Every good playoff team needs to be strong up the middle. Who in the West has a better center than we do in Khokhlachev right now? McDavid is good in Erie, but they may not make the playoffs. Faksa? Ha! Fat-ksa chance! Domi? I don't think so, maybe some day but not now. Cat in Owen Sound? Cousins in the Soo? Probably not. Maybe Troecheck in Plymouth could be considered better than Koko by some, but other than him there aren't many better in the west. Same goes for another important position, goalie. Binnington and Gibson might be better, but Pav is better than the rest and getting closer to those guys ahead of him. Those are two big areas to have an advantage over the other teams, you have to recognize that. Clearly our blue line is the area of the team that is the biggest question mark, but in Sieloff we have one of the better physical defensemen in the league and with Koekkoek we have one of the better offensive defensemen. Most teams don't have an elite top 6, you can get by with a top 2 and a dependable 2nd pair. We have the pieces to be a good club, and now we're playing like one. We probably don't have the depth of talent yet to be a cup contender, but we've got enough to have a reasonable shot at winning a series or two before we grind down.
I understand what you're saying but like you point out to the depth of the team I think the lack of depth can take it's toll even in just one series. We can ignore a team like Owen Sound and Kitchener for now because there is no chance of facing them in round 1 of the playoffs if they make it. I think there's some misinformation or saying things to suit your argument. You like Pavelka a lot more than I do and I can respect that. How can a guy like Mahalak be criticized and not as good as Pavelka when he has better numbers this year and most think Plymouth's D isn't very good? That doesn't really jive if you get my drift. We will know more in a week but I think you may put Galchenyuk ahead of Khokhlachev, he's with Montreal for now but Therrien is even apprehensive about putting him in the lineup right now but he will be there for the current time. I hope Windsor can play well enough to get into the playoffs but I still have a hard time favoring Windsor over a team like London, Plymouth or Sarnia. If Windsor for instance sneaks in as a 7 seed and Windsor only wins 2 of the 5 remaining games against Plymouth who would give Windsor an edge against that team? I guess we will see where this team is come 2 months from now.

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