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01-19-2013, 03:58 PM
Ridley Simon
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Originally Posted by txpd View Post
bust can be pretty painful. not having won a cup makes the idea of cup and then bust sound liveable. its really not so hot. ask florida marlins fans.

ideally you put yourself in position to win enough and you get one. a caps team that was a juggernaut would end up like the redskins that lost to the raiders. a juggernaut is no guarantee. going for broke sounds good when you dont win and havent gone for broke, but going for brokes usually means breaking and not winning. then you are just broke.

i race cars. there are some guys that are what we call, "checkers or wrecker". they go for broke with a shot at winning and the crash. the crash sets them back and they arent around for a while. you win by running in the top 5 every week and taking advantage when you chance comes up. the caps have had their chance come up a couple or three times and failed miserably. oddly enough their closest shot at winning was with a team that was the team just in game but not a favorite to do anything. the team you dont want to have anymore.

stanley cup playoffs are as much or more about how things fall together as they are having the best team...or by far the best team
Marlins won two series in what, five years? You wouldn't take that as a fan? Even with the lean years in between? Ask the Texas Rangers fan, or the Boston Red Sox fan (pre 2004), or SF Giants fan (again, pre 2009), or Chicago Cubs fans, etc etc etc.

Carolina won a Cup. You live in Cane country. Ask them if they would trade that one Cup for a dozen years In the playoffs during that period. I will be shocked if more than 1 in 10 would trade that Cup away.

I think you're just arguing w me because your hurt I called you myopic (as it obviously bothered you since you interjected it into a post within an hour of my commenting it). Sorry if that upset you, I felt it was the word that best fit your comments.

So you'd rather 10 straight playoff years, no Cup. Vs. 4 years in 10 in the playoffs, with 1 cup?

Not me.

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