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01-19-2013, 04:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Stasis View Post
Im never one to defend a big corporation, especially not the NHL. But from a technical standpoint I more than understand what's going on and can tolerate it. $50 service and hockey 4 months late means a LOT more people are going at it, and they didn't predict it accurately. I don't know about your end, but I've missed all of 5 minutes so far.

I'd be upset it this cost $150... or if this is still happening next week. One or two nights with a few issues? Par for the course. You must not play online games

Either way, like I said... you can't reach anyone and you're not gonna get a refund before the issues are fixed. It's $50. You'll probably regret the impulse.

I dont give them any excuse for a cluster***** like this.
I went the past 3 years streaming these games for free. The lockout pissed me off alot but I choose to flip it and support my team by purchasing 6 jerseys last week and the game by getting gamecenter.
They put the resources into the signup and billing pages, but the majority of people, basically everyone but you, cannot even login after 2 hours of play.
From a "technical standpoint" they handled this like f(_)cking morons.
So yah, for me its worth a refund. The only reason I purchased this was to have a better streaming experience vs what I always had in the past for free. Its clear that my money cannot make that happen, so free it is.

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