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01-19-2013, 05:36 PM
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Originally Posted by RapidFire View Post
Yes, I must have zero understanding. Please educate me with your brilliant minds.

No one expects a perfect service. What I expect is it to not be unusable.

You know what HFBoards does before the trade deadline? Acquires more bandwidth to deal with the extra amount of users/viewers.

Now please continue about how we're all whiners and unpatient morons....
This whole time I've been back and forth'ing with you guys, I have been watching Pitts/Philly in great quality with no stutters (not a single one...) on the other monitor.

Clearly the service works, but it going through some hiccups and slowdown. It's therefore not unusable or broken, just struggling to get it's feet under it and adjust for load.

Edit: When I switched feeds earlier is when I lost connection and had trouble getting back in. I waited a bit, closed everything down, and reloaded it clean... re-entering my log/pw, and then let it load (which did take quite a while) to the GCL main page. It was automatically on LAK and I couldn't change over to Philly. I used the bottom "change feed" bar and moved it to Philly. Nothing happened. I closed everything down again, and when I got back in it was on Philly automatically, and I've been fine since. I won't be changing feed again, obviously. Hopefully this helps someone... it's just really slow to load in, but once in you should be good.

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