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Originally Posted by hockeylegend11 View Post
Curious numbers,Spits are 8-7-0-2 in their last 17 games,with 10 of those games on the road and it includes losing 7 in a row
They started 4-0-0-1,then 0-7,now 4-0-0-1,,with the new lineup in the last 5
As well the the Spits are 0-6 vs OwenSd and Plymouth,all with the old lineup and 4 of those losses on the road,and 18-13-1-6 against the rest of the league
They are 6-3-1-4 against East conf opponents
My feeling with continued improvements the records against plymouth and owen sd will improve
That's interesting. You could see that they were starting to get better prior to the slide, but I think losing guys like Seiloff and Ho Sang combined with the uncertainty of the impending trade deadline squashed that progress a bit. Johnson has been going pretty good lately, and he picked it up prior to the deadline during the losing streak. So had Bateman for that matter. Marchese is the guy who needs to pick it up when he returns, he's one of the remaining underachievers who hasn't found his groove yet.

Originally Posted by RayzorIsDull View Post
No I just find it interesting that people critcize me for not giving credit to Windsor but nobody here gives credit to Plymouth. I don't think Mahalak was ever in danger of losing his job as much as it was Vellucci going with the hot hand. Like you said you can't always judge a goalie by numbers Mahalak stunk in November but got more wins than he did in December. Mahalak has been better in December and January than he was in November. Then people here say Vellucci never goes out and makes a big move then he goes out and gets Trocheck and the Whalers haven't lost since acquiring him. Is it possible both teams improved a lot since the deadline but Plymouth is still a better all around team?
I'll give credit to Plymouth, they might be better than us overall this year. Hartman and Trocheck makes them strong up the middle, they are big, their coach is smart and they play good playoff style hockey. But they have their warts too, and enough warts that beating them in the playoffs should they meet isn't absurd. Sarnia on the other hand is not going to be too much to handle even with Gally in the lineup if that happens. Their best defenseman is out for the season, and all that luscious scoring ability didn't do squat for them last year in the playoffs, and they had more of it then. I'd be pretty happy with a Sarnia first round matchup to be honest.

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