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01-19-2013, 04:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Droc View Post
Your probably right. Winter classic's, playoffs, and cup finals have nothing on the sens/jets game.

I bow to your superior network prowess.
Nope, but you should consider a bunch of variables we're unaware of. We have NO idea what their network situation is right now. Change in hardware? Software? Staff? Configuration? Provider? One or more are likely. On top of this being DAY ONE as opposed to a WC or PO Series where they've obviously been adjusting and know what they're working with prior to it.

I don't care man. I really don't. They won't either. Cancel it. Find pirated streams... it's easy enough. There are TONS of them. They mostly suck horribly and stutter at the worst times, but occasionally you'll find a reliable HD stream. It's like playing the lottery. All I said initially was to calm down and give it a day or two. Your loss.

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