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Originally Posted by Renegade Stylings View Post
- I never said that when a kid requests a trade that he is ripping the organization. A newspaper article came out shortly after this all blew up, where the Cougars said that Forsberg and his parents were blaming PG for not having his kid listed by Central Scouting. THAT is ripping the organization. That's what I was referring to. Not simply requesting a deal, I never said that.

- You are fine to have the opinion you have...I'm surely not putting all the blame on Forsberg or his family. I'm sure he's a good kid and is just trying to look out for himself. I can understand that. I just don't really like when players can essentially try and blame the organization when it's widely known that he's a very inconsistent player in many different aspects. I just also respect the fact that the Cougars didn't blink when Forsberg put a gun to their head with this move, so to speak. They weren't about to have their hand forced if a good deal for their organization wasn't out there.
This is a quote before the Christmas break and before the trade request from Dean Clark referring to Forsberg:

“Points aren’t just going to happen. With his skills he’s going to create something but it’s not just going to happen, you have to put the effort out there all the time. Mentally he has to get a little bit stronger. If he can understand he has to come back [from the break] in some half decent shape he’ll be fine.”

Is this a case of publicly ripping or trashing Forsberg? Is it more proper - in public - to say someone is lazy, mentally weak, and out of shape than saying an organization has done a terrible job in player development. Keep in mind, in the article you refer to, you say "where the Cougars said that Forsberg and his parents were blaming PG for not having his kid listed by Central Scouting". So we don't have even an attributable quote from the family, but rather, it comes from an organization that has a very real and direct financial interest in "shaping" the message to help mitigate a public relations nightmare. Hmm.

Again, I'm not defending Forsberg. He may, or may not, be all that's he's painted to be on these boards. And you are certainly entitled to your opinion. But I'd like to know - and I've been following hockey since the late 70s - why every time there's been a high-profile player trade request there's always been a corresponding furor from fans. Forsberg isn't the first, and he won't be the last, but everytime I can count on hearing these words: "selfish", "arrogant", "petulant", "ungrateful". "spoiled", "cancer". Blah blah ad infinitum. But never a peep about management. Management and coaching staffs can be complete horror shows, but players are expected to die on their swords. You know, for the team. Nevermind that they aren't even adults. Or that most adults never have to publicly face accusations of character flaws when they change jobs. But if a kid tries to determine his own future, well, then the backlash. Why? Apparently many do not want the romanticized illusion of saintly owners selflessly nurturing these young lads into the hockey heros of tomorrow to die. I, for one, prefer to watch hockey without my Ron MacLean-tinted, rose-coloured glasses on. It helps me see the game better. Hockey at WHL and higher levels is a transactional business. Owners get something: money. Kids get something: development. And perhaps later: money. When you look at the business of hockey that way, you (and by you, I don't mean you personally) don't have to ascribe unfounded character flaws in people. They're just acting in their own interest.

Finally, before we hand out badges of courage to the PG management team, we should examine what real choice did they have in their position. Even their "brain trust" must have been smart enough to know that after the trade demand was made public there was no way they could accede to Forsberg's demands. Doing so would signal to every current and future prospect that doesn't want to play in PG - and believe me, the number of players who would rather play for any other junior organization are legion - a possible escape route.

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