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01-19-2013, 05:00 PM
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Originally Posted by The Brovalchuk View Post
Just stop. These people would rather than complain then be understanding about the situation.
You really have no understanding and I pity you. There is no reason for the NHL to not expect this high of usage when:
a) The lockout ended after months of no hockey and we're DYING to watch it
b) They know how many subscribers they have
c) Today is Saturday

Originally Posted by The Brovalchuk View Post
If you dont like the service you are receiving, then by all means cancel your account and submit for a refund. If you arent going to cancel your account, then please, tell me how your complaining and moaning is helping anything.
Yes, cancel the subscription after one day. Sounds reasonable. How dare we not be happy about not being able to watch hockey games on the first day of hockey after a long ****** lockout.

This is a message board. We are supposed to discuss things here. And complaining about a ****** service counts as a discussion.

Now please leave this thread and never return

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