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12-13-2003, 07:52 AM
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Originally Posted by zurg999
These comments I could fathom from a goaltender like Brodeur (a proven leader on a perennial contender). Theo must realize that he doesn't exactly have a powerhouse in front of him, and no matter how hard these guys work some nights, against whichever team, they just aren't going to get a point. Florida was coming off a 6 game winless streak and were obviously prepared to put in the effort over the last 2 periods that the Habs couldn't or wouldn't.

I think, until he's proven a lot more to the fans and his teammates, that he should keep comments like this to himself.
Theo knows he doens't have a powerhouse in front of him, but the team didn't work hard at all, and I think it's fair for Theo to call his teammates on that. I haven't heard Theo say any negative things when the team played a good game but still lost to a better team. And on the flip side, Theo will be the first to admit he had a bad game and will accept blame for a loss. That's a sign of a leader IMO.

I for one like to see Theo take a leadership role like that, cause it doesn't seem like anyone else is. Just because he hasn't been around forever doesn't mean he can't be a leader. It's great to see him take on this role, because honestly the team rests on his shoulders so he might as well speak with words along with his play.

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