Thread: Speculation: Ken Holland less than confident
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01-19-2013, 05:09 PM
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First let me say that I'd like to see the youth come up, especially Gus & Tata. But if they stay with GRG, it's not the end of the world. Tats was decent last year and much improved and stronger this year. Same with Gus. Both on the smaller side, getting stronger physically & on the puck will greatly help their careers when they come up. Gus got a dinged shoulder (I believe) earlier this season so maybe he isn't quite 100% ..yet. I think playing more minutes & learning the nuances is necessary for most younger players. They won't necessarily get minutes in all situations if they came up. If they come up next year stronger and better players, I don't see it as complete herp derp by mgmt. The GRG are looking like a playoff team and what great experience it would be going through a playoff and maybe winning some PO games, gaining confidence in their play. Plus they are building chemistry with others who will be future teammates, like Sheahan, Ferraro, even Mrazek. I am disappointed that (1) they didn't get a chance for a preseason tryout (2) they didn't get to show what they have on the ice vs the current players and (3) I won't get to see much of them this year unless they are called up for injury fill-ins or (if we're fortunate) the PO.

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