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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
I do think that it does "seem" that PK's demands are unreasonable. That even to start with a Doughty type of contract, IF TRUE, made no sense so to get closer to what's more logical, well there's a big gap there.

But personnally, I don't buy Bergevin's position either IF TRUE. He is a player of exception. He is playing a tough position. We have nobody else like him right now on the team and in the pool.

We already knew that the idea would be that our most promising players like Subban, MaxPac and Price would be the guys that would be paid more. You just accelerate the pace for Subban and in the end, frankly, chances are we will pay less compared to what Subban could ask after the supposed bridge contract. I know though that Bergevin has to work with a lower cap next year. So you do hope that if Subban REALLY is to try to gain as many years as possible, he'll give some money on the other end to reduce the blow on next year's cap.

In the end, they HAD to come to an agreement whatever means necessary. If the player is too tough, too demanding, won't move and you hate his guts, trade the guy and move on. Be sure you get an incredible return but you would have IF it would have happened prior to the well-known problems we're having right now.
We really don't know what he was asking or what the Habs offered. If he wanted Doughty money then that's ridiculous, but it is a starting point. If PK wants a long term deal for over 5M and the Habs want a 2 year deal <4M then I can see why he's not playing today. I do think Habs should have started negotiating a lot sooner than they did but what can you do now. PK's not the only unsigned FA right now.

Trading him would be a huge mistake IMO.

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