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01-19-2013, 05:34 PM
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Originally Posted by RapidFire View Post
You really have no understanding and I pity you. There is no reason for the NHL to not expect this high of usage when:
a) The lockout ended after months of no hockey and we're DYING to watch it
b) They know how many subscribers they have
c) Today is Saturday
You obviously dont know much about networking or how it works. It DOES NOT MATTER if they know they will have a heavy load, there is almost nothing they can do to completely counter it when everyone is getting on for the first time at once. Have you played a video game in the last 5 years? When a new game comes out they have to account for millions upon millions at a time and they all have issues on intial release because its just too many users at once.

They # of subcribers has probably doubled or tripled in the last week so if they thought they were ready they couldnt possibly have enough time to do much right before today. If you dont understand how networking works dont comment about it please because these things happen all the time. If this is happening weeks into the season then yes you have a good reason to complain

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