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Originally Posted by habsfanatics View Post
You make no sense, in 5 years he'll be as good. lol. what kind of ridiculous argument is this? Not only are you completely speculating, how the hell does that improve the situation.

We have to wait five years to get players as good as we already have. What exactly is your strategy, because I've yet to see one that makes improvements. Just a lot of newer is better type arguments, with no real plan to get better.

These arguments are so silly and most likely detrimental. Once you trade veterans for rookies in hopes of speeding up the process, you become columbus, edmonton, nyi and all the other teams that continually finish in the bottom of the standings each and every year. The one exception will probably be Edmonton, but Montreal is already too good to finish dead last 3 years in a row.

The nucleus is already too strong to finish near the basement. Getting top 5 picks aren't likely and tbh their the only somewhat sure things out of the entire 1st rd.
I don't think the 5 years + of high draft picks has impeded the teams you mention more than mismanagement has (esp. in the cases of COL and NYI). One of the main points of racking up picks and prospects is to strategically use some of them in trades for more established players to compliment your team. None of those teams have done that successfully. In EDM's case, for example, it might be in their best interest to dangle one of their studs up front for a blue line beast. And then use someone else to go get a goalie when the time is right.
The term "tanking" is misleading in that there aren't any teams that intentionally lose to acquire a high pick. In MTL's case, if by the trade deadline the team is clearly out of contention, someone like Plek or Cole or Markov might end up being dealt, but only if we stink. I doubt they'd move all of the above, but, based on the message of "patience" that was often uttered by management and the coaching staff during the off-season, I wouldn't be shocked to see them move one in an effort to stockpile picks if all is lost this season.

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