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01-19-2013, 06:43 PM
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We have lots of guys capable of the "next level" on this team...I'm referring to young players that can give us more and are still on the upswing.

Subban-assuming he signs in the next few weeks, he can take the next step on offense, he is already good but has the mobility and shot to become a force 5 on 5 and on the PP. Basically from the 40 point to the 55-60 point range(prorates to 32-36 points.

Diaz-played like a decent #5-6 last year when given the proper workload, he can give more on offense and on defense and play like a solid 2nd pair 18-20 minute guy based on his play in the Swiss league.

Emelin-language, smaller rink and different systems was an adjustment last year. Can be better defensively(shutdown #3-4 type) as well as generate more offense in the 20-25 point range(prorated 12-15 points).

Eller-made solid gains last year, he can also progress on both sides of the puck, maybe a few more goals and mostly more nice set ups...12-15-27 range would be good, plus better defensive/pk/faceoff play.

Weber-his biggest issue is consistency, some nights he looked like a top 4 guy, others like an ECHL guy in the NHL. If he can become more regular night in night out, he can be a solid NHL d-man(#4-6 who excells on the PP) here or elswhere.

White-a big part of it is staying healthy and maintaining his energetic play. He can give more on offense and can improve his faceoffs. Maybe chip in the 20-25 point range(12-15 points prorated).

Price-He's been a top 10-15 NHL goalie(though he slipped a bit last year), he can take it up a notch to the Lundquist Quick etc level of top 5.

Galchenyuk-for him it would mean a regular NHL spot playing top 9 all year and chipping in 40-50 point range(23-27 prorated).

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