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06-21-2006, 12:29 PM
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Lundqvist/Luongo, Richter/Belfour

Taking all of the smaller (and nonetheless important) pieces needed, would you flip Henrik Lundqvist for Roberto Luongo? I'm not talking about what other people would be involved, just a simple question.

I would compare this to if we traded Mike Richter for Eddy Belfour in the early nineties. While Mike Richter was home grown, Eddy was more established and 2-3 years older. In the grand scheme of things, would you of traded what ended up to be a Ranger for life for an established upgrade.

Now many are going to opine that Lundqvist will surpass Luongo and set the world ablaze. Nonetheless, Luongo is MORE established in the NHL. If the moons aligned tomorrow, would you trade Lundqvist for Luongo straight up. Home Grown vs. Heralded SuperStar.

*Please don't post "they'll never do it"; this isn't the spirit of the thread*

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