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01-19-2013, 06:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Hank Chinaski View Post
Ok, here are my thoughts:

-Postma was Seriously, I don't think I ever saw Ran_y Jones play that poorly. Was he using one of those plastic floor hockey sticks? I'll chalk it up to a rough night, but if that's an indication of things to come, the Jets need to start working the phones and scouring the waiver wire ASAP

-Kane-Jokinen-Wellwood had absolutely zero chemistry. Jokinen in particular had an underwhelming game, didn't seem to have any sense of how to distribute the puck.

-Kane looked so lost on the PP it wasn't even funny. He doesn't seem to get how to operate within the Jets PP system.

-LLW was a bit better, but not much. Thought Little had himself a reasonable game, but as a whole, the line was just throwing the puck around blindly.

-Scheifele was okay, I thought. Lost his assignment on that 2nd goal and wasn't doing a great job moving the puck through the NZ, but I thought he did a reasonable job on the forecheck and battling along the boards. Also liked how he got crunched by Methot and kept his balance.

-Pavelec needs to be better. Most of those stops were on perimeter shots (the stop on Karlsson at the start of the 3rd was a dandy, mind you). Really should have had that first goal, and he got himself beached on his ass for the second goal. Fourth goal was stinky, although the game was over at that point.

-thought our D corps (Postma aside) was decent. Buff was awesome. Toby, aside from some weak entries on the PP, was quite good. Hainsey and Stuart held their own, and I don't think they were really at fault on the 2nd goal. Clitsome is sketchy, really hope he can be pushed down the depth chart to #7.

-just an incredibly soft performance all around. I haven't listened to Claude yet, but I'd imagine he's livid.

Great to be back watching the Jets at MTSC, but I hope I don't have to witness hockey as sloppy as that again. On top of that, I've got a massive splitting headache, I don't think those half-price beers helped.
I agree with most of your assesment. I thought Scheifele was better than I expected at holding the puck up down low and as you said he did a better job of staying on his feet after recieving hits than he has in the past. He will have to learn to move the puck quicker in the NZ as you alluded two and I thought he got better as the game went on. I do have one nit pick, it was Jokinen who lost his man and not Mark on the second goal. As the center on that line its his job to pick up the extra man. My main critic is that he got gliding a bit too much which is where he gets into a bt of trouble with his skating. the shifts that he kept his feet moving where by far his best ones. I do however like the confidence that he showed with the puck today, made a terrific move around last years Norris winner. Ultimately I think Mark can take a lot out of this game, he did some stuff well but there are things that he can definitely improve upon for next game.

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