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12-13-2003, 08:26 AM
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Originally Posted by DanKordicsFist
The only part of his statements that are false is the idea that it's the Flyers. He'd be "absolutely bang on" if he said it about the NHL. It is whining. It's saying the big bad Flyers are so mean we can't even play right because they are always making us defend ourselves, it's not fair, waaa. As far as Roenick "firing the first shot" just proves what a know nothing dunce you are. Everyone has said the Devils are boring for YEARS! I'm sure the Devils are past worrying about that, but you aren't, that's funny.

Enjoy your team and maybe when they move or start losing we can argue about your "new" favorite team.
I have too much respect for JohnFlyersFan to turn this into a pointless flame war. Enjoy the game tonight.