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01-19-2013, 08:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Old Navy Goat View Post
Waiting for Jame's and Takeo's take on this.
I've always been a Regier supporter, through the highs and lows. I think he's shown a unique ability to adapt to unique ownership situations throughout the years.

I can nitpick the moves I've loved, hated, liked, been indifferent too. But all around, he's built a contender before... and he's finally getting the chance to start fresh again...

Of course, I'm no fan of Lindy... and recognize that a Regier extension is also a Lindy extension. I can live with it. I like the direction Regier is going with the talent he's putting together through the draft. Lindy can't coach an average team up... but he can get out of the way of a talented roster

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