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01-19-2013, 08:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Eskimo44 View Post
I'm obviously not talking about last year, way to short of a sample size. We all know what year Ballard was terrible in, as it was really bad hence he got only 10 games. Also Ballard was a bit player last year in a short series his team lost, hardly impressive. They need to shelter him, he's never been a key player on a good team. He's not worth his salary in the slightest, he is not a top 4 dman. The excuse that he had trouble with the system is ridiculous, he was there for a whole season.
you mean the season when he first arrived in Vancouver, was asked to move to a different side, which he's never played before, in a system that was totally different than any he's every played in before, in a season where he suffered his first ever injury in his hockey career which sidelined him for 2 months of the offseason before he arrived in Vancouver (on crutches), and then 4 games into his career as a Canuck suffered his first concussion. After coming back from this injury - his second in his career (the 1st being the knee injury which sidelined him in the summer), he had back injury missing time again... then he had an MCL injury in early Feb.

So a guy who's never been injured in his career before, goes to a new team, is injured 4 times from the offseason and through the season, and then is expected to jump back into the lineup and perform like he belongs in the system and on the team?

Yea, there's just no reason at all to suggest that any player in that situation would struggle at all. Ballard must suck.. surely a guy who's had 5 years in the NHL, 1 year in the AHL and 3 years in college without suffering any injuries at all, must easily be able to handle an injury-plagued season for the first time, while adjusting to a new system, position and expectations.

As far as never being a key player on a good team, you could say that about every player on the Oilers for example. Another way to look at it could be that he was a top pairing dman on every team until he came to Vancouver. In Florida he was top-3 in the league among dmen in hits and blocked shots, while being a top pairing guy there. To say that he's never been a key player on a good team, you could use that argument for half the players in the league.

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