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Originally Posted by waffledave
Regardless, he was the biggest part of our offense this past season. You can't just get rid of him and hope we'll be ok. Goal scoring was our biggest problem.

Ryder will one day score 50 goals. Maybe not with the Habs, but he'll do it.
Uhh, and how do you build a team? By being stuck with what you have? This argument is pretty weak. Goal scoring is a result of scoring opportunies. Higgins proved in the 2nd half of the season he can complete more opportunities than Ryder could even imagine + habs prospects are coming with more talent than Ryder by quite a lot. Using the HF scoring system Ryder is a 7.0A. Meaning he cant get better. We have a 8.5B waiting to play.(A real complete goal scorer, with no defensive problems, more grit and much more speed)

And I don't agree goal scoring was a problem. It was a problem without Koivu and/or Markov. Players like Ryder are completely ineffective when they are not feeded, thats why they are a big part of any goal scoring problem we may have.(When the feeders are cold or hurt or suspended(markov lol))

50 Goals? Maybe with Brad Richards. If not, career waiver in 2-3 years. The NHL will run away from shooter like Ryder, since being defensively weak and offensively uncreative is a much bigger problem with the new rules.

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