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01-19-2013, 08:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Miller Time View Post
If we trade away all of our contributing vets, in 2-3 years we'd be what the oilers, isles & jackets have been... Loaded with young talent but not enough depth or leadership to be even a playoff team.

Bourque, Kaberle are obviously guys you move for virtually whatever...

Cole, who has a NTC, I'd move in the right deal, but not just for the sake of it & not for just a late first round pick (for every maxpac, there's a fisher or chipchura waiting in the weeds)

Gionta same as Cole... Both bring a quality work ethic/attitude element that has value beyond their declining production. Both are on premium contracts, but replacing them with ufas will give more of the same

Pleks is not a guy you move unless the offer is outlandishly high... He's everything you want out of a veteran top 6 player who is at that level just below elite, and he's shown repeatedly that he can effectively complement a star player. At 5m he's a perfect fit. Trading him for a mid-1st + prospect (unless its a taresenko or huberdeau, which ain't happening) would be a waste and hurt our contender building more than help.

Markov, if healthy & back to/close to normal.... Same as Pleks. If he's reduced significantly, we won't get much in return but moving his contract if we can would make sense.

I am and have always been about long term contender building, and have no emotional attachment to any one player.... Being extremist in either direction is unproductive.
My position isn't extreme. Extreme would be dealing away our young core.

Cole for a 1st? Absolutley. Anything less, the other club can kiss our butt.
Markov for a 1st? Absolutely.
Pleks for a good prospect or a top ten pick... yes.

Gionta we can keep for now.

That's not radical, it's practical. Obviously there are no trade clauses to work around and maybe it can't be done but that's what we should be looking at doing.

And making these deals isn't going to condemn us to be the Oilers for the next five years. And if that's the case, then man you are really out to lunch saying that we could be contenders in as soon as two years with what we have now.

I think if we make those trades we'll probably sink in the standings this year (we might anyway) and maybe we'll struggle next year. After that, it's a steady climb upwards with younger players in our arsenal. It makes perfect sense.

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