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The NHL/NHLPA MOU did explicitly reiterate the terms which gave the NHLPA a say in the matter.

Changes to alignment, scheduling, and playoff structure require amendments to the NHL By-Laws (part of the League Rules) - which arguably cannot be changed w/o the NHLPA's consent.

2. League Rules

Players and Clubs will be bound by League Rules applicable to Players. The current League Rules applicable to Players and all amendments thereto shall be available at the office of each Club and shall be sent to the NHLPA. No Player shall be bound by any provision of a League Rule that has not been furnished to the NHLPA in accordance with CBA Article 30.

Players will also be bound by the League’s Playing Rules, a copy of which will also be available at the office of each Club and sent to the NHLPA. Any amendment to the Playing Rules proposed for consideration by the Board of Governors shall be furnished to the NHLPA as soon as reasonably practicable.

“Amendments” to League Rules and Playing Rules affecting the terms or conditions of employment of any Player will continue to require the written consent of the NHLPA, which consent shall not be unreasonably withheld (CBA 30.3)).

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