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01-19-2013, 10:26 PM
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Originally Posted by sjaustin77 View Post
I guess you were being sarcastic. Nice to know people would rather be ***** than actually talk hockey. I'm not giving you my permission, it is just your right as I'm sure you already knew. If not then now you do.

I also never said we have to defer to management for our opinion, just that unless you have the same type of hockey expertise as the collective management that we should defer to them on whether that is best at the time. They have all of the information for the decision and the reasons they made it that we most likely don't have. I also made the comment based on a comment that attacked the poster not post. There are a lot of people that are good at that on this board and why many good posters have left. I didn't think that was allowed but whatever.

Enjoy having your opinion, or not, or whatever you want to do. Have a nice night.
Exactly, you point out I don't have to but make sure to also point out I'd be stupid not to. Just like you did earlier:

Well if management decides he should stay up (or go down) shouldn't we be smart to agree & defer to their expertise over message board posters that think they should do something different?
It's well done really. You don't have to agree with management, but if you don't your opinion must be stupid because management are smarter then HF posters.

You figured out the internet... we can now safely shut er down. Maybe I'm being sarcastic, but lets not rule out the possibility I'm being genuinely thankful... this will make HFboards way easier.

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