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Originally Posted by dutchy29 View Post
I understand, "Its a buisness" and all that crap, but my opinion is biased as I am totally sick of management vs. union from the lockout, now Hab fans have to sit thru another lockout while on of our top players plays chicken with Bergevin.
Lets face it PK is a hugh talent, but still very young, has never had a great season, did fill a hugh void last season with the absence of Markov, but still struggled defensively at times, is not the offensive threat that Karleson is, is not tough as nails like Weber, he has his weaknesses for sure, and lets face it he helped lead a team to last place last season, for that we want to open the bank. I heard from TSN panel he was asking for 6million a season and long term deal. He hasn't earned it period.
If he wants a long term deal it should be scaled up to pay him based on performance, but those contracts really don't exsist so I would offer him 4 million/yr for 2years. If he came back with 4.5million/yr for 2 years I'd do it. anything more is actually hurting this franchise. The canadiens are rebuilding, we will be a weak team for a few years and if we traded PK for a couple first rounders I would be all over it.
I don't understand this reasoning and how you and some are so quick to just trade PK. We're rebuilding, you have a 23 year old #1 dman and instead of paying him you'd rather trade him for picks? And what if those picks turn out to have really good years under their ELC and you offer 2 year deals. Will you trade them for picks too?

Bridge contract for a player of Subban's ilk is ridiculous. He has earned a great deal so far. 2 straight seasons as a the team's best dman and he's been great in the playoffs thus far. This is pro are based on what you have done and what you will potentially do. I mean, how many players really "earn" their deals? Few and far between so I don't get the "he hasn't earned it" talk.

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