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01-19-2013, 10:21 PM
Chris Cutter
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Well instead of panicking and overanalyzing everything I decided to just focus on certain things. First off, we badly need PK because two of our pairings have defenseman (who don't necessarily deserve to be in such a position) are playing on their off-side. Emelin played a bad game defensively tonight, he seemed really slow and he was pretty lost in the defensive zone once the Leafs had the puck. Gorges and Bouillon was good in 2007-2008 for us as a bottom pair but not as a top 4 one, especially when Bouillon is a lot older. I've noticed that because these two were playing on their off-side, they were having a lot of difficulties winning their battles but also doing a quick pass out of the zone. Emelin struggled a lot tonight with the puck and getting it to his teammates out of the zone, especially behind his net. With PK there, the pairings are a lot more stable and everyone is playing where they should be and the team as a whole is less vulnerable against favorable matchups from the opposite team. Also like others have said this was pretty much our 1st preseason game and the team is trying to play a new system so we shouldn't expect perfect execution and synchronism on the very first game of the season when they had 6 days to practice and make changes. I liked the White-Prust-Armstrong line tonight, played the way I expected them to and probably was the best line for Montreal. Eller was on and off, took some stupid decisions with the puck and was pretty bad along the boards which isn't what we're used to with him. The first line played terrible, aside from a couple of chances (Cole's deflection and Desharnais hitting the post) they weren't generating anything. No cycle, no creativity and really no scoring chances.

The team got better as the game went on, I really liked Diaz tonight. He always manages to get his shots on net and I appreciate that. Not many defense on our team can do that with the same consistency. The team didn't lose because of a lack of effort but they were really sluggish out there. The Leafs didn't outplay them, they made the best out of their chances but I wasn't impressed by their team at all.

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