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Originally Posted by Patofqc View Post
I was wondering if anyone got how the new draft rules work. Before, let say you finished last, the worst you could draft with the lotery was 3rd last. How does it work with the new CBA?
There is still only a single pick in the lottery - but now the winner will get the #1 pick instead of just moving up 4 slots (ie all non playoff teams will be eligible for the first pick). The most a team can slide back is one slot - if a team below them wins the lottery.

Originally Posted by NHL/NHLPA MOU Terms
1. Entry Draft

All Non-Playoff Clubs will participate in a weighted drawing. The Clubs shall be ranked in inverse order based on points earned by each of them in the previous Regular Season. The winner of the weighted drawing will receive the first pick in the first round of the Draft.

Incorporate NHL/NHLPA Agreement on provision of Compensatory Picks for 1st Round Draft Picks who are not signed (i.e., Cherepanov Letter Agreement).

2. Exclusive Negotiating Rights

NHL Clubs who draft European Players age 18 or 19 shall obtain four (4) years of exclusive negotiating rights following selection in the Draft. NHL Clubs who draft European Players age 20 or older shall obtain two (2) years of exclusive negotiating rights following selection in the Draft. If the four-year or two-year (as appropriate) period expires, Player will be eligible to enter the League as a Free Agent and will not be subject to re-entering the Draft.

Current rules regarding exclusive negotiating rights for College Players will remain status quo. Parties to incorporate NHL/NHLPA Agreement on College Players leaving college prior to graduation (but following the fourth June 1 after date of Draft) (i.e., Goepfert Letter Agreement).

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