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01-19-2013, 10:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Dangles78 View Post
You're assuming too much.

Everyone knows that Feaster and Iggy's first priority is for the latter to stay in Calgary, but in all honesty Feaster doesn't have as much leverage as he thinks he has.

Let Feaster keep an unreasonable price tag for Iggy, which he should. Like you said, Iggy is the face of the Flames. There are better options for the Pens to "overpay" on, or test the UFA market after this year.

No way would I give Sutter+Morrow+1st for Iggy. No ******* way. Feaster can go **** himself and suffer the consequences of believing his team is a playoff contender.
I'm not assuming anything in regards to what Feaster said. He flat out said he isn't trading Iggy. Iggy is a stand up guy and I can't see him leaving the Flames.

So either Iggy goes out of character and forces a trade and Feaster is over a barrel (doubtful) or someone has to blow Feaster away with an offer to pry Iggy out of Calgary.

Feaster will want a young fwd back to replace Iggy, a top prospect and a #1. If he doesn't get it, then he isn't trading him. I doubt he will be forced to make the trade.

Reality is, the only young fwd with value who the Pens have who could be moved is Sutter. It won't be
Neal. So who is left?

If people want Iggy, be prepared for it to hurt.

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