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01-19-2013, 11:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Jyrki21 View Post
Yep... from literally the 1-0 goal I was rolling my eyes in anticipation of this. Every goal that's not a 3-on-0 is going to lead to this. I know that sports fans are, writ large, unable to apply the same standards of their own daily life to sports (thereby leading to mass stupidity), but it just makes me unable to enjoy the game when people have zero perspective.

Until this is sorted, every bloody goal is going to be micro-analyzed, the fanboys on each side of the equation are going to have a field day, the media will do everything to fan the flames, and it's a joke. Never should have been allowed to happen.

Schneider is an outstanding goalie, and once everything is sorted we'll be fine. Or we'd be fine as well (in the regular season at least) if we ditched Schneider and kept Luongo. But having both is not going to work. It's a mess.

This is the sort of situation that becomes a massive distraction and destroys a season. Luongo has to go ASAP.

Originally Posted by TheDiver View Post
Only on the Canucks Board does someone post immediately after Schneider's 5th goal against of the night: "Luongo needs to go ASAP for whatever we can get."

Even when Schneids struggles, Lou is blames!!!
I'm blaming the situation, not Luongo. He's handled this with as much class as possible. But this is a f***ing circus, and it's inexcusable that it hasn't been sorted yet.

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