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01-20-2013, 12:19 AM
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I mostly agree with all of what Cole said in the first post.

Biggest plus for me was getting the win at Philly; Sutter, and Fleury/Martin having bounce back games, as well as the opening 15 minutes where we really dominated them. Many other aspects came to look good because of the final scoreline, because the Flyers once again showed us several things we aren't handling well.

- We still have a hard time with their forecheck and their forwards' physicality. Once they got their feet under them, I thought the Flyers dominated us for most of the last 40 minutes, and our 1st and 4th lines especially suffered giving the D support after battles behind our net/on the walls, thus prolonging their time in our zone.

- Except for the first period, they were great at limiting our offensive zone time. Much of that is us assisting them with lots of dump ins for no one or too ambitious passes ending up icing calls. We looked like a pure counterattacking team after the first period.

The youngsters; Despres looks a little casual at times, but some of this is getting used to the NHL speed and making decisions at this level. There is no better time to get on pace than early season before games are critical. The same can be said for Tangradi who I thought looked more comfortable and useful as a 'third wheel' than before, because of strong skating and physical play. But it is a little worrying how little he got himself into dangerous areas.
Jeffrey, that was a stinker. Not just because of the dicey passes that were called out by Pierre and everyone here; more because he consistently looked really slow and ineffective out there.

Finally, the PK looked more in tune with Philly's setup than in the playoffs, surely. But outside of Jagr and Carle having departed, there was also Briere being out with injury, and if we are being honest it was not as if Philly were not very dangerous on their PPs. We had good fortune on the special teams this time around, and they didn't. That's the game.

Biggest positive surprise: Sutter looking THAT good!
Biggest negative surprise: Kunitz Crosby Dupuis looking that discombobulated. Kunitz was bad overall, Crosby forcing lots of passes and not being a positive influence except for the penalties he caused... and if the other two don't make the line, Dupuis will be just whizzing back and fort showing good effort and little purpose.

Hoping to see better passing and puck management for the Rangers game. But for a sloppy game, winning in Philly is sweet.

And oh yeah, hockey is back!

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