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01-19-2013, 11:25 PM
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Some thoughts:

-booing Rick was classless. It's one thing if the guy stinks it up in net - then he deserves it - but it's not his fault he was drafted by the Isles and put his John Hancock on the dotted line. Yes, he's a millionaire professional athlete who could've prevented some injuries by playing a more conservative style, but I still feel for the guy. At least let the guy start with a clean slate this season before you boo him. What counts is he still tries to stay involved in the community on LI, and is a genuinely good guy. And for that, I respect him.

-Okposo is a disgrace. Should've never gotten his name on the back of one of my jerseys. Does he really need a benching to snap out of his pathetic play? Don't give me this **** about him not playing during the lockout. It's Groundhog's Day again with this guy. He's not physical, he makes the puck look like a Mexican jumping bean, he always tries to be cute with his predictable inside out move instead of DRIVING to the net, and he's always chasing the puck instead of THINKING AHEAD of the play. He's so ****ing stupid and it's frustrating to watch. We all saw the same potential in him 3 years ago - what happened? For all of you who rag on Bailey, at least the guy has some assets to his game (PK) - he just needs to be consistent. I have more faith in him than I do in Okposo at this point. Once the Isles are officially out of the playoffs, Kyle will go on a tear, mark my word. I was happy about his contract when he signed, but it's looking horrible now.

-Thought JT was better defensively than offensively tonight. Only so much you can do single-handedly when one linemate is a dip**** and the other just didn't play that well tonight.

-I like StrAit

-StrEit should get dealt at the deadline so we can get our second-rounder back

-What a joke Finley was in the lineup tonight

-Scratch that POS Reasoner. We need heart and soul in the lineup. Play Cizikas.

-Scratch Boulton (needless to say)

-I'd like to see Ullstrom on the second line. Great wrist shot. Should've buried a slam dunk on the doorstep.

-The line change that led to that first

-Sick shot by Hammer beating Brodeur glove side

-And Nabby was amazing in goal. I'd love to sign him for another year. He's the Russian Roloson.

-Hate to say it, but we could use Viz in this lineup

Sorry, had to vent a little. Typical crapshow at the barn for a packed house on opening night. I'm a realist about our bad lineup, but at least win the one and only game where the fans are ready to go into a frenzy at the drop of a hat. Give us something. Maybe next year.

EDIT: Also, if you left your debris in the parking lot, and there was a lot of it, broken bottles and all, you're a ****.

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