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Originally Posted by Kaoz View Post
Exactly, you point out I don't have to but make sure to also point out I'd be stupid not to. Just like you did earlier:

It's well done really. You don't have to agree with management, but if you don't your opinion must be stupid because management are smarter then HF posters.

You figured out the internet... we can now safely shut er down. Maybe I'm being sarcastic, but lets not rule out the possibility I'm being genuinely thankful... this will make HFboards way easier.
You are reading more into it, or reading it wrong if you think that is what I am saying. It really doesn't have anything to do with being smart either. It is about people who are more experienced and have more information. It applies to all fields of work or whatever decisions you are making.

Here is my simple premise - in this case it is about B's management vs random internet posters:

People should defer to those with more experience & more importantly, information to make the decisions.
That is the prudent and smarter thing to do. That isn't a bold statement to make.

In this case we are talking about Bruins management (pretty good management) and Hamilton.

I think we actually agree on keeping Hamilton up. In this case we agree with management. But if they choose to send him down, I will defer to their collective knowledge of Chia, Julien, Neely, scouts, input from Hamilton, possibly Chara, Bergeron, and others. Not only do they have this over me they have seen him in more junior games, in camp, might have a plan to bring in a proven guy, don't think he can handle it physically based on their observations, have a better idea of short or long term goals in regards to what is best for the club & player, salary may play a role, etc.

There is so much that goes into the decision that I don't have access to. Maybe you do, and you have their collective expertise or have conferred with others with their expertise and information on the matter.

I have never said your opinion is stupid, wrong, you shouldn't share it, or discuss it. It could be a great opinion and the correct one. The only statement I am making is the we should defer to those with the expertise and information to make an informed decision. Your opinion is (very, very likely less informed) like mine is. That doesn't mean our opinions are stupid or wrong & we could still end up with a better opinion than management.

I would respond to your internet comment but that would be even more off topic than talking about whether B's management has more expertise and information than random internet posters.

I don't think you are genuinely thankful, so I'll go with sarcastic on this one. I have been sarcastic back. I'm done with you on this subject unless you want to talk hockey. I think Hamilton looked pretty good for game 1.

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