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Originally Posted by Bruwinz37 View Post
Do you know how ridiculous you sound? You can have an opinion and share it as long as you have the same hockey background as the guys making the decisions otherwise defer to them. Really?

Read my response to Kaoz. I've never said that. You guys aren't understanding what I am saying. My premise is simple. It isn't a bold statement to make. I am saying we should defer to those with more experience and information to make an informed decision. It really has nothing to do with whatever opinion you have. You can have one and share it no matter what. When it comes time for the decision it is prudent and smarter to go with the experienced and informed ones - in this case Bruins management.

Newsflash: These guys are wrong all the time. Its part of the business. This board exists to discuss and share opinions regardless of your background. It is beyond obnoxious to just suggest we "defer" to them because they do their homework.

They are not wrong all the time. They are sometimes wrong as I would imagine you are. I know why the board exists. I haven't said we should defer to them just because they do their homework. There are a lot of reasons. See response above. It doesn't mean they will be right and you will be wrong.

How about this for a statement...there are 100 posters here who would have done a better job as Isles GM than Mike Milbury. I am effin dead honest about that. 100...maybe more. This is a guy who played in college, in the pro's, coached, worked in front offices....and he was absolutely terrible on every level as a GM.

Probably true. I'm not talking about Milbury. I might defer to some people on this board before Milbury. He does most likely have a more informed opinion to make his decisions. He may have bad information or just be a bad GM though.

GM's mess up all the time...its not to say "anyone can do it", but everyone should put in their 2 cents...otherwise this place craps out and THAT is the reason this place loses posters, nothing else. If you want to convince yourself otherwise, fine, but I know it is not the truth.

Everyone should have their opinion and share it. I've never said they shouldn't. This place craps out for a number of reasons, one is if people don't want others to share opinions. I want people to share their opinions and I encourage it. Those opinions should be on hockey. The only thing I'm convinced of is there are a number of reasons people leave this board. One is when people attack posters instead of the post. I think that is true. If you don't and want to convince yourself there is only one reason more power to you.

So get over yourself....I am going to continue to give my opinion regardless if you or anyone else thinks my hockey background is worthy. You can continue waving your pom poms .... and defer to the guys who know it all.
I'm over my self. I've made a common sense statement that you apparently disagree with. Great, you should give your opinions - on hockey. You guys are reading different things than I am saying and attacking me instead of my posts. Read (if you want) my post to Kaoz and this one to you. It should explain what I am saying. If you don't think people should defer to those who have experience and information to make informed decisions, fine. I won't change your mind. I'm not waving any pom poms and I will defer to people who know more than me and are informed about the decision they are making.

I'm done with you as well on this subject unless you want to talk hockey. I think Hamilton looked good and should stay up. Have a good one.

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