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01-20-2013, 12:06 AM
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Originally Posted by KingKopitar11 View Post
Are you really going to compare one player that actually improved his play to a stagnant player.
Define improved. Penner is supposed to be a top six winger. He hasn't played like one, at all, ever while with the Kings. Did he step it up in the post season? Yes and we all love him for that. But the fact is, his job is to score goals. He's not scoring them. None of the top six scored today. Our 4th line was the offensive powerhouse of the afternoon. That's not good enough.

Feel free to hang it all around Gagne's neck, but you're doing so with no rational basis.

Originally Posted by KingKopitar11 View Post
Correlation =/= Causation. Explain the Finals if Gagne is such weight on the team's shoulders.
Are you implying that Gagne made an impact on our finals...[/QUOTE]

I believe that was what you were implying considering you proposed that the team played better without him. I don't think he hurt the team by being on the ice and none of his teammates or the coach seemed to have an issue with it.

Are you questioning Sutter's decision to let him play?

Originally Posted by damacles1156 View Post
Nobody is ......

We are discussing who should be removed from the lineup when Kopi comes back.

Gagne is a good candidate if you ask me.

If he is not, Clifford or Nolan has too, and that breaks up the Awesome Fourth line we have.

Heck Maybe King, if people feel Gagne is going to return to the Guy he was Six years ago.
They're gonna likely move Gagne down and get back to the lines from the playoffs. Brown back to the left side where he plays a lot better from, carter back on wing, etc. I don't think Gagne should be top line. I think he's a better threat lower down. It's like when we had Stoll as our second center and he improved greatly when he got bumped to third.

There's just no doubt being without Kopitar screws everything up.

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